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i have always wanted to play music...sing, play, whatever. i was lucky enough to be raised by a mom who, besides being amazing, encouraged me to sing and act and let my inner music out in every form. i was born in 1974, just outside of Chicago, Illinois...grew up and attended school in the same area. i was involved in music in every way i could find...i acted in plays and musicals, sang in every choir i could fit into my schedule, and even taught junior high kids my senior year of high school... went to...and thankfully dropped out after less than a year. still one of the best decisions i've ever made. kept at music...this time not just singing, but trying...and i do mean play guitar. found the mandolin in 1994..started really trying...and i do mean play it in 1995 when i met dave johnston and he changed my life by asking me to be in the bluegrassholes...still the best thing that has ever happened to me. look at what that little bit of faith made possible... thought positive, moved to colorado, busted ass and put together this band for which i'm writing this bio. lots of love from my mom, major inspiration from my dog, huge breaks, hard work, being able to starve, never forgetting how lucky i am...alot of mistakes, alot of great times, and always being grateful for being able to do what i do for a living.

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